"I found it so frustrating that I could not find a pen or certain supplies when I needed
them.  Thanks to Steve's Organizing LLC, I can find things when I need them in a
timely fashion."

--Michael, Business Owner
"Loved what we have accomplished, Steve.  Thanks ever so much for everything."

--Steve, Homeowner
"Thanks for inspiring me to accomplish what I was certain I could (would) never do.  I
wish you success in your business and am happy to send anyone your way!"  

--Jan, Inspired Client
The cure for your clutter!™
"I can't tell you how much this has helped me and can't thank you enough, it is money
well spent."

--Linda, Homeowner
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Steve's LLC
The cure for your clutter!
"Hey Steve, just wanted to thank you for your great work with me on my garage last
Saturday.  It went so swiftly because you knew so well how to organize things, where I
would have been all day toiling over decisions that came so easily from you!  I love the
look, I'll be sending out photos to my uncle to let him see how we worked everything
out this week.  Thank you again!"

--Edward, Homeowner
"I want to really thank you for ALL your help and support, your ideas, and insights.  I
learned a lot by working with you.  We worked so well together, I appreciated that you
encouraged me to let go and go on! I also appreciated the validation when I came to
something hard to deal with."

--Janine, Grateful Client